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Estrogen and Progesterone Articles

Estrogen and Progesterone .com is a work in progress for YOU.  We have been helping women with hormonal concerns since 1998 on the web and beyond and have so much to share with you about such things.

Do you know that 1 in 6 couples (that is a conservative number) are infertile or dealing with infertility?  Do you think there might be many more who have not discovered this or who just are not pursuing having children and therefore don’t know they have issues until menopause?

Do you know that the balance between progesterone and estrogen is the key to hormonal balance despite what other hormones you have?

Do you know what estrogen is?  Do you know what progesterone is?

Do you know how estrogen plays a vital roll in your absolute well being?  Do you know that progesterone actually regulates the damage or help that estrogen can be?

Do you know there are natural estrogens and progesterone creams you can purchase over the counter; even supplements that will help you produce the proper amounts your body needs without going on any dangerously, unhealthy chemical estrogens/progesterones?

Of course you don’t know all these things.  That is why you are here and why we want to help you.

Let us simply educate you and then you will be strengthened onto the next thing.

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