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Estrogen and Progesterone Balance

Beginning with puberty, the importance of estrogen and progesterone balance in our bodies is vital. Both hormones, estrogen and progesterone, are present in both women and men;  however, they play more of a pivotal role in the health of women than in men. In order to have good health, these two hormones should balance each other as that is what they are meant to do. For instance, estrogen increases blood clotting, whereas progesterone regulates it. Additionally, estrogen increases body fat, but progesterone turns that same fat into energy.

Whereas some women have no problems with estrogen and progesterone balance, many women at some point in their lives experience an imbalance of the two hormones, especially when they get close to or after menopause. The problem with progesterone and estrogen imbalance is that it can lead to severe health issues. Thus, it is important to try and maintain a good estrogen and progesterone balance throughout your life.

The Path to Estrogen and Progesterone Balance

First off, when it comes to attaining a proper estrogen and progesterone balance, as with most any health matter, it always boils down to one thing, your diet. One of the biggest problems that throws off this hormone balance is red meat. Now, the easiest thing to do then would be to stop eating meat, but for many of us that is not something that we really want to do. That being said, it is important, therefore, that your diet change somewhat. Start off by eating more organic foods that have fewer additives and preservatives. Eat more fish and vegetables than meat. Leafy and cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, and spinach help to flush away estrogen deposits and improve your liver’s ability to metabolize estrogen.   Though we would normally suggest eating as many raw vegetables for the sake of enzymes, in this case we would not.  These foods should be eaten cooked most of the time in order not to impair thyroid function.

Additionally, you should always drink plenty of water and limit your alcohol consumption. Lastly, in addition to a good diet and regular exercise, you may want to add a multivitamin that is filled with antioxidants and a calcium supplement. Also, there are estrogen and progesterone creams and other types of supplements that can help you attain proper estrogen and progesterone balance. Ensuring proper hormonal balance can make a big difference in your life!