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Progesterone to Balance Estrogen Dominance

Progesterone to Balance Estrogen Dominance

Progesterone to balance estrogen dominance is not something new. When estrogen and progesterone are both doing their jobs, they work well together. When the normal ratio or balance of progesterone and estrogen is disrupted either by too much estrogen or too little progesterone, then estrogen dominance may occur.

The term “estrogen dominance” was first coined by Dr. John R. Lee, author of the book “What Your Doctor May Not Tell You about Menopause: The Breakthrough Book on Natural Progesterone. Dr. Lee’s original concept was that when there is a drop in progesterone production, then menopause is about to occur. Estrogen dominance today is more recognized as a condition where a woman can have normal, deficient, or too much estrogen, but little or no progesterone, creating an imbalance of the two hormones. When there isn’t enough progesterone, estrogen levels can become unnaturally high during a woman’s second part of her menstrual cycle. This can lead to a number of different health problems and is why progesterone to balance estrogen dominance becomes necessary.

Progesterone to Balance Estrogen Dominance and increase Fertility

When not properly balanced with progesterone, estrogen becomes a very potent and dangerous hormone. For some women, the bottom line when it comes to estrogen dominance is what to do in order to increase the chances of fertility. The solution for most is to rebalance these two hormones with progesterone supplementation. That being said, it is important to note that not all women who suffer from estrogen dominance need supplementation, but rather by changing their diets and lifestyles they can help to achieve balance. However, when it comes to infertility problems, progesterone supplementation as with progesterone creams can be very beneficial to increasing one’s chances of becoming pregnant.

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