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The symptoms of low estrogen may look like other issues as well.  Isn’t the body a funny thing? One reason the symptoms may share a likeness to other maladies is that estrogen is such an important hormone.   Notice that the list resembles the list for symptoms of menopause as well.  (MenoBalance Cream for symptoms of menopause)

    •     Fatigue
    •     Cravings
    •     Weight gain
    •     Hot flashes and night sweats
    •     PMS
    •     Feeling depressed or overwhelmed
    •     Mood swings or irritability
    •     Insomnia or restless sleep
    •     Headaches
    •     Low libido
    •     Fuzzy thinking
    •     Digestive issues
    •     Stiffness or joint pain
    •     Anxiety
Estriol Cream Oil 2oz Bottle for vaginal dryness due to menopause

Estriol Oil for dryness due to menopause

  •     Heart palpitations
  •     Breast pain
  •     Adult acne
  •     Urinary dysfunction
  •     Unwanted hair growth
  •     Hair loss
  •     Dry skin
  •     Vaginal dryness
  •     Irregular periods
  •     Fibroids
  •     Bone loss
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